1LDK + JK いきなり 道京? みっちゃく!? ハツ エッチ!!? – 第2話

1LDK + JK いきなり 道京? みっちゃく!? ハツ エッチ!!? – 第2話
タイトル: 1LDK + JK いきなり 道京? みっちゃく!? ハツ エッチ!!?
発売日:October 06, 2023
English title: 1LDK + JK Ikinari Doukyo? Micchaku!? Hatsu Ecchi!!? Episode 2

Akane Misaki and Ken Hasama end up living together for a week due to a mistake in their landlord’s contract. Although he was a stranger to her, Akane was concerned about him as he fixed his crooked tie. Hasama also seems to be concerned about Akane as she prepares food for her when she comes home tired. When I spent time with my family, I had never experienced such a lively conversation. Akane is starting to feel comfortable with this life, and she begins to organize her bag so that Hasama won’t notice. Then she realized that the three-way interview was tomorrow. Akane pretends to be her uncle and asks her to come out. Hasama doesn’t want to go, but he understands Akane’s situation and cooperates. The next day, after successfully completing the three-way interview, Hasama walks around the school feeling nostalgic and ends up on the stairs leading to a deserted rooftop. The two of them reflexively hid themselves from someone who suddenly passed by, their bodies close together to hide. Perhaps because of the atmosphere of the place, which was said to be a place for sex, Hasama’s hand began to grope Akane’s butt.“Episode 2” included from the original “1LDK + JK suddenly living together? Close contact!? First sex!!?”

Date: March 7, 2024

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